"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. " --- John 8:10

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spoilers and GenCon

Nothing to compete with Jake's situation (his friend is serving in Chile, where they just had an 8.2 earthquake, and he just got transferred to the epicenter of said quake), but my house is getting rocked hard right now. Apparently the city of Chuncheon was built with a poopy plumbing system (pun intended. That's where I'm at right now), so they have decided to overhaul the entire thing. It's sort of annoying when you are out and about, but when you are doing study in the morning...Elder J about lost his mind this morning, and I did lose my mind on a handful of occasions. 

Made General Conference a lot better by comparison. I could talk a lot about GenCon (comp study today just got us through half of the first session) but I'll limit myself to only a handful of rather disorganized thoughts.

Woooo Gilbert!^^

Elder Holland is gearing up for war. Actually half of them are. Maybe we should too.

Don't try to use analogies in the same category as Elder Anderson. He'll bring the trailer down.

Apparently the Church didn't change its mind about gay marriage and abortion. Who woulda thunk?

Lots on the "how" of doing member missionary work. Consider yourselves trained, cause I certainly do. Lets go get em.

I loved conference. I wrote down three pretty big questions and had them all answered in the conference, whether by what they said or what I thought. 

We went into Seoul on Saturday to watch with the two zones that made up what was my first zone (Dongdaemun) when I got here. President came and the ZL's brought Costco muffins and the like, so it was pretty great. We also had this awkward hour long break in between the first two sessions, so the Chuncheon Elders went over to Korea University and I got to catch a glimpse of Gireum area again. Memories. :) Priesthood session got out pretty late, so me and Elder J rode an ITX train back home. That's a more expensive, more luxury train that runs on the magnetic propulsion thing that you all heard about in Physics class. Super nice. The next day was Sunday and we all stayed in Chuncheon and watched it on the bishop's computer. All our appointments punked, so we got to go contacting for the rest of the day. And here we are.

A couple of random other thoughts.

My companion used to work as a salesman in an electronics store selling car sound systems. While he worked there, he got pretty into cars and has taken it upon himself to teach me everything he learned. This week we are starting small, just recognizing the difference between BMW 3,5, and 7s.

Also, we took a taxi to visit a potential investigator that lives in what we thought to be a hospital, but we now believe may have been a mental hostpital and got terribly lost. The taxi driver put the address we had into his GPS and started driving us out of town. 17$ into the trip, I had him pull over and we took a bus the scenic route back to the city. Probably one of the most beautiful sightseeing opportunities I've ever had.

See, Korea is in this sweet part of the year where they have tons of cherry blossom trees that look like...I don't know, snow? Popcorn? Apricots? Those provide accents for the other green trees on mountains and create perfect majesty. We actually are taking a sightseeing trip back that direction today, so I'll try to snap some pictures.

Also, I may have indicated that Chuncheon has less Outback than Bruno Mars has blackness, but guess where the bus home from the above mentioned fiasco dropped us off? We got off and THERE IT WAS!!! Other missionaries may talk about miracles. I guess they happen here too, they are just a bit more delicious.

Also, contrary to a report that I recieved relating to the Captain 'Murica movie, it would appear that Scarlet Johannson (sp?) will be making a return in Avengers 2. Which will take place, in part, in the lovely city of Seoul! The crew moved in last week and started filming. I have heard specifically of her and Cap being sighted, so they'll be there. I don't know who else. I'm just really hoping that someone in the movie says something really funny in Korean that only I understand.