"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. " --- John 8:10

Sunday, November 3, 2013


...I still have no idea what would have happened, but I'm glad that we were able to listen carefully enough to respond. I'm glad God is looking out for us.


Hello everybody.

This week is transfer week, so I'm slightly upset. I really hate transfers week, especially if someone is getting transfered. I haven't gotten called yet, but I should find out what is going on on Wednesday night.

But that's ok, because the Gireum Legion (for we are many) spent this week quite well, starting with a bomb Outback trip right after my last email. I dropped about 40$ but still ended up saving money on the pay period, so thank the Lord for cheap ramen. The only downside to what was an otherwise unbelieveable tastebud fiesta was that they stole roughly $4.50 of my Chocolate Thunder from Downunder, but of me it is required to forgive all men so...

The next big thing that happened is an absolute tragedy. As of this week, Gireum area has lost the goldmine that is Korea University. The second most prestigeous academic institution in the nation was home to people of all nations who spoke a lot of English and were a bit more open to reconsidering their religious views. Unfortunately, as we visited the campus on a quest for a music club to play at our stake musical fiesta (to be held this week), we ran into the Dongdaemoon sisters (including Sister Bevard, from my MTC district) who informed us, as later confirmed by the APs, that the college was Dongdaemoon territory. Mourn.

It's ok though, because the trip did yield a street lesson (I'm a vastly more effective missionary in English) with a guy from India that we are going to meet with tonight.

Actually, this week was a really fruitful one. Me and my companion opened the area with no potentials, and four investigators, three of whom I never met. We spent most of the transfer finding, building our potential list, and this week we managed to get a lot of lessons, and it looks like we are up for a repeat performance this week. Heck, one of them invited me to go on a trip to Jeju island (Korea's Hawaii) with him after a street contact and a phone call. So I guess all the birthday prayers were effective. Thanks everyone!

Well we hit up another college after Dongdaemoon on our quest for musical reinforcement and had an interesting experience.


Me and the zone leader that was with me both experienced a complete loss of the spirit in such a way that clearly told us to get the heck out of dodge. We did. I still have no idea what would have happened, but I'm glad that we were able to listen carefully enough to respond. I'm glad God is looking out for us.

The real highlight of the week was the ward Halloween party though. One of the most fun things that's happened on my mission, and a huge missionary success.

We had over a hundred people in attendance, over 30 of whom were non members. Booyah!

We opened up with a pinata so hard that it shattered Thor's hammer and a set of battle axes before the kids swarmed the candy mess. Then we split off for games like crab soccer, bobbing for apples, some kind of cakewalk thing, and, my game and a favorite, that wierd game with food in bags that you tell lies to kids in. In the process of having kids touch monkey brains, eyeballs, and a spider (my gloved hand) we literally reduced people to hysterical tears and almost caused a middle school student to fall to her death. So that is the kind of missionary I am I guess. I also met a little Korean version of Ricky Stephenson, who emphatically informed me that the whole thing was a con. The night closed off with my referral friends (remember them?) singing and dancing for everybody. I love them.

And that's about it. Thanks again for all the letters and packages everyone. I may never get time to respond to them all, but thanks so much anyway. I love all of you. Probably.

Whitlock out.