"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. " --- John 8:10

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Flesh Wounds and Birthday Gifts

Hello Everybody!

It's so good to hear how things have been going back in the Land of the Migook (America). Sounds like most of you are doing ok, even if my grandpa keeps making excuses to not leave the hospital. Poppa, don't make me come over there and plant a potato in your IV fluid or so help me I'll do that thing I just said that I would do.

I think my threats are kind of weird. Not so scary as confusing. I either need to work on them or work out more I think.

Not that working out is always a good idea. Wednesday this week I was trying to get some push ups in at lunch time on our house pull up bar. You know, the ones that are advertised as being push-up-able? Lies. As I was going down, the bar slipped forward on my floor causing me to fall forward and smack my face on it in such a way that my two front teeth almost punched through my bottom lip area. Sort of a big gash, but no real pain. Miracle. I didn't go to a hospital or anything (Mom, don't freak out, President said it was ok for me to go to one, that was my choice) but never the less it has healed up really nicely. Now, it is almost completely healed and during the first night it closed up in such a way that I could eat again. Miracle. I've heard that mouths heal especially fast, but it was still pretty cool to watch.

Scott may have chosen a good career path. The human body is pretty cool.

The next day (Thursday) was New Companionship Training Forum, which was made up of companionships of under 6 monthers who need additional training. We talked a lot about how to effectively hold council together and me, my companion, and the sisters in our ward sang a musical number (sans practice that day, courtesy of my choice to eat with Elder Singer before the meeting instead). Then there was a question and answer thing. I learned a lot it was really good. Scary thing was that I had forgotten my backpack at Gwanghwamun (Seoul's equivalent of Times Square) including my scriptures and patriarchal blessing and what not. But, when we went to look for it, it was in the same spot untouched. Miracle. Can you imagine that happening in America? Props to Korean integrity.

Later that night, I was super thankful for my companion. We were coming back from an appointment and some drunk guy grabbed me in the street by my collar. I tried to get past him but he wouldn't let me so I shoved him off and tried to walk past and he grabbed me again. Repeat twice. Then he pulls back, puts his fist in my face and starts yelling some sort of unintelligible gibberish, then starts doing Taekwondoe (sp?) while screaming "Taekwondoe!" I was so ticked.... So my companion grabs him and tells me to leave.  I do, and once I was out of sight, the guy cooled down and left. Turns out it was all just a misunderstanding. He apparently was comparing, favorably, the smallness of my head with the size of his fist. So I'm thankful that my companion understood well enough to avert a potentially damaging situation. Or he lied enough to defuse me from making things worse. Thanks, buddy.

The next day was my birthday (yea...). So mazeltov to me. It was actually really good. I got a nice big birthday package from my family while I was at the new comp forum including new music, Ovaltine, letters, pictures, and brownies, all of which is the equivalent of gold over here. Thanks again family! Love you!

Birthday Brownies

Honestly, the rest of my day was pretty average. I ate well and enjoyed the music and letters, but other than that, just another day of representing God. Not a bad way to spend a birthday, I suppose.

The next day I got one more birthday present, or maybe I should say three more. We were on our way to jundo and the sisters text us over to the church. We show up and there are a bunch of high school sophomores prepping their musical singing/dance routine for their school performances. We listened. They were great. We gave feedback on how they could improve. There wasn't much. Then we sang our song from the forum to them and set up a time to meet up later and play ping pong, invited them to the Halloween Party, took a picture with all the girls (you remember that Americans are gorgeous thing I talked about?), and I got the numbers of all the boys, none of whom are members. In fact none of them are members besides one of the girls, who plays piano for the ward choir. The whole thing had been set up by said girl's mother, in one of the most brilliant feats of member missionary work that I've heard of to this day.

This ward has caught the fire. I'm amazed at the efforts of 길음 ward. They are great at fellowshipping, finding, and exemplifying. No ward is perfect, but this one is fantastical.

I couldn't stop smiling the whole way home.

Whitlock out.