"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. " --- John 8:10

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Week in Sparknotes

Alright, so this week I actually had a pretty good amount of emails to respond to and I did that first for a change. Consequently, I'm about out of time. I actually had a lot to write about this week, but "there is too much. Let me sum up."

This week I:

Moved into an apartment over a daycare center, which used to be part of said daycare center. My walls are papered with rockets, astronauts, and ufo's. Some of which glow in the dark. I'm in heaven.

Stole some art. From a trash pile, granted, but it actually looks pretty sweet. They are very Asian style landscape paintings so we have them displayed in our apartment next to the rocketships.

Had a morning where we proselyted in someone else's area to help them out ('cause of my ZL companion). They hadn't had any success for weeks. We got in there and, by the grace of God, got 6 phone numbers and 5 appointments in 6 people talked too. None of which are from our area, so we won't teach them, but it was fun. We returned to our area and struck out that night. So that's what missionary work is like, I guess.

Remembered to mention, for Grandpa's sake, that I live right next to Costco. So my diet is similar to college, but in larger doses. Be excited.

Worked on a doctrinal epistle... explaining why a belief in the Bible necessitates a belief in an open canon of scripture. Jeffery R Holland had some interesting things to say about it a few years ago, and I watched said talk (“My Words … Never Cease”) in the Gym at the MTC.

Fatally dropped a Book of Mormon on a bug that was making a run for my yo (bed). Headshot.

Started reading Jesus the Christ.

Got halfway through Jesus the Christ. I like that book.

Set a personal jundo (proselyting) record of 12, with 7 of those being alone.

Set an all-time record for most shallow jundo of all time when I literally just handed a guy a card and walked away.

Attended the choir from hell. All Korean, singing in Korean, when I can't read fast enough to keep up in Korean. Then I was moved, rubbed chocolate powder onto the ward mission leader's shirt, found gum on my suit because someone had placed their gum on my scripture case, and all of this while my voice was gone so that I couldn't hit anything more than like four notes. In Korean. Does anyone have a worse epic fail they would like to share?

Came home from the choir from hell and listened to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack to make me happy again. Success. That was a dang good soundtrack.

Met with a guy who wants us to teach him English. I get to name him. Win.

Rediscovered the depth of my reculturization when I accidentally coined the phrase, "Et tu, Judas?" (For those of you who felt like I dropped Korean there, that is a famous "quote" from Julius Ceasar, who actually said "Et tu, Brute?" or Even you, Brutus?)

And I'm out of time. Love you all. Probably.

Whitlock out.